Super Berry Project finally about to get up and moving

This blog will chart my journey creating Super Berry playgrounds at Alverton CP school in Penzance, Cornwall.

Kids need access to yummy berries. The health benefits are huge (more about those later) and there are plenty of play and learning opportunities too (again posts to follow). I know from my own boys picking eating habits that straight off the bush, hunter gatherer style, means more berries tried and eaten. That is my plan. Get the berries in the playground. Get the kids to try and taste and enjoy.

I love berries and I cherish my childhood memories of hiding amongst the blackcurrants bushes eating their juicy tart fruits.

I have a grant from Unltd to cover the cost of buying the berry plants and some materials. I will also plant berries on my smallholding near St. Buryan. I can use these plants to take cuttings and in the future create more Super Berry Playgrounds in local schools.

The plan is – ordering plants this week. Check with Unltd that I can order a couple of reference books and a couple of beehives for pollination and sustainability. Write some lesson, on second thoughts maybe not lesson, write some play plans for the kids.